As a child I enjoyed painting and drawing, being the ever creative spirit. In High School, I took two Art Subjects, Painting and Advertising, excelling in both. This interest in the creative conceptualising, product design and painting has helped me to foster an art directive approach to my work in costumes

Lloyd, you are one of the most naturally artistic pupils I have ever taught.

Mrs. Van Wyk


While studying Musical Theatre, I was in charge of creating sets and props for all of the Theatre School productions. Project scope would include set paintings, e.g. cyclorama backgrounds, free-standing backdrops, wings, Period interiors, furniture.

I also did many fantasy set props. These included a life-size talking tree, a 100% scale piano which easily disassembled into transportable panels. This show became known as the cardboard and velcro show.

This creative flair, spilled over into other Theatre aspects, sound editing and lighting design.


Since then, I have leaned on my art and painting to restore my creative spirit, when times have been demanding. This is then a time when I can be creative without boundaries, when I'm the pivotal driving force in the process. 

Even in my commissioned artwork, I am usually given carte blanche, which allows my art pieces to speak for themselves.

Recently, I have become interested in character portraits inspired by my Theatre work. I am planning an Art Exhibition in the Spring of 2011.