Lloyd Kandlin is an actor, musician, stunt, stilt and acrobatic performer for stage and film, who can at any juncture add a unique, comedic spice and flair to his performance. His creative direction for costume and set design and his ability to imagine amazing unique new characters is magical.


Lloyd studied Musical theater at the Waterfront Theater School in Cape Town South Africa. After graduating in 1996 he has worked in Various Musicals, including West Side Story (as Baby John), Jesus Christ Superstar (chorus) and Guys And Dolls (as Benny Southstreet, for which he won the 1998 Cape Times best supporting actor award in a Musical).

He has been featured in Various commercials for Europe and the United States, as well as a Guest starring role in the US T.V. series the Adventures of Sinbad (Aziz in Curse of the Gorgons).


Madame Zingara
Creative Direction

He started training as an Acrobat in 1997 and performed in Baletsatsi, the highly successful show at the Sun City Extraveganza Theater for 18 months understudying both Lead Characters.

From 1999 to 2002 Lloyd was a member of Myth Productions, and was responsible for costume Design and Production and Set Design and Construction as well as performing the lead charater in many of their productions.

In 2000 Lloyd did an internship at the Williamstown Theater Festival the second largest Theater Festival in the US where he worked alongside many of Broadway's most famous and well respected Directors, Producers and Creative Geniuses.

He has been working as a solo comedy acrobatic performer since 2003 and has perormed in Witzigmann Pallazo Berlin, Sarrasani Theater Dresden (2004 and in the current production as YELLO) and the Elspe Theater Festival (2004 and 2005, for which he also designed and made the sets and costumes).

In 2007, he joined the Cast of South Africa's sold-out success Madame Zingaras - Theater of dreams where her worked as a master of ceremonies, comedy character/acrobat also designing costumes for the show, in 2008 he took on the role of Creative Director. The show toured London in 2008/2009.


With his Comedy Character Anna he has recieved much praise for his comic timing and acrobatic prowness and agility, its a must see act that will have you in stitches and begging for more, Like a ninja on strings was the title of an interview, and critics alike seem to enjoy this act:

Clowning Trapeze artist Lloyd Kandlin pulls off some breathtaking fallabout gymnastics high above the audience

Bruce Dessau, Evening Standard, 2008-01-09

The mainstay of the frequently borderline-burlesque bill is a fine mix of impressive aerial feats, including a hilarious, dragged-up comedy turn on the silks from acrobat and creative director Lloyd Kandlin

Lizzie Catt, Daily Express


Creative Consultant

Lloyd is currently working as a freelance artist with La Clique The runaway success of the London theater shows, which also garnered an Olivier Award for Best Entertainment this year.

Lloyd is also working with Vaudeville, where he performs a solo tissue acrobatic act, another act with his acrobatic partner and also performs before shows on drag stilts and after shows for party-goers in his infamous flasher costume which even the manager has been fooled, since he almost got thrown out.

Costume design is still a large part of Lloyd's work. He has recently designed stage dresses for 3 Tons of Fun - a Cape Town act with 3 African Singing Beauties, featured at On Broadway.

When not performing he is still designing and creating fantastic costumes, working in the production of various shows and recording his demo album.